Fitbit Ultra Tracker

Are you left in the dark with your health?

Are you tired of not having an effective exercise tracking system?


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a product that tracks your every step and gives you COMPLETE awareness of where you stand?  Being aware of your daily routines is very important.  It helps you keep yourself on track.  If you are the type of person who doesn’t track your food intake, your steps, or your weight and never weigh yourself, this pedometer is for you.

 Exercise is a great way to help you feel better  – so what?  I have used a pedometer for about 5 years now. Six months ago I came across the Fitbit and it helped me get a handle on my health.  The Fitbit tracks:

  1. My steps (both cardio, in a relaxed stage and how many staircases I do).
  2. It also helps track my sleep.  (Not having enough sleep can also make you gain weight)
  3. The Fitbit can also track your food intake. It tracks your caloric intake.
  4. Your weight management.
  5. This Ultra Tracker also sends you a weekly progress sheet so you can see how you are doing.
  6. The Fitbit site also gives you badges when you reach a goal.

It’s an amazing little pedometer.  You can wear this pedometer and no one will even know that you’re wearing a tracker or pedometer.  Today I have my diabetes more under control than I did six months ago.  I have lost 25 more lbs and I am feeling better about myself, more confident.  You can too.  And I didn’t have to join a weight watching group that would cost me a lot of money.  I did it on my own and I’m proud of myself for doing it

If you get your Fitbit Tracker today, you can start feeling like you’re on top of the world and you can feel energized also.  I know I have more energy and I just love to see how well I do.  I also challenge myself.  I believe I challenge myself because I am very competitive.  So who better to challenge than yourself.   I get a lot of fresh air and when it’s too cold out or too hot, I work out on the treadmill.  I am pretty close to my goal and when I get there I know how I’ll feel.  Will you?

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